Webster Christmas Light Installers

The Holiday Season is here. It's time to put up your Christmas Lights on your Webster home. The question is do you really want to spend the time and take the risk of falling off a ladder or roof? If you would like to have someone else hang your Christmas Lights for you then contact us and we will hang your lights or we also have a turn-key service where we do it all and provide the Christmas Decorations and Christmas Lighting.

We Offer A Turn-Key Christmas Light Installation Service

We hang our Christmas Lights on your Webster home. We put them up and we take them down. This is truly a turn-key service. We can also provide Christmas Decorations such as artificial Christmas Wreaths. Don't be afraid to ask this service is customizable and we will still give you an affordable price on the service. Also, take advantage of our early bird specials and have your Christmas Lights installed before November 15th.

Do You Have Your Own Chrstmas Lights? We Can Hang Those Also.

If you already have Christmas Lighting from years past and it's in good working order we can hang those strings of lights for you also. In order for us to hang your lights you will need to do a little preparation work as far as getting them out of storage before we are to be at your Webster home to hang your Christmas Lights. Once you have them out please Un-Tangle and Test them. If you have any lights that are out you will need to replace them. You will also need to provide Christmas Light timers, extension cords, lighting clips, and any other item or decoration ready for us to install for you.