Santa Fe Lighting Installation Services

Well it's that time to put the Christmas Lights back up. If you have us install your lights before November 15th we have discounts available. We can hang your lights on your home in Santa Fe, Hitchcock, or Texas City. If you don't have lights we can provide them under our turn-key service.

We Will Provide Christmas Lights For Your Holiday Lighting Installation

When you need someone to hang and provide Christmas Lights and everything to complete the install. We will show up with all the Christmas Lights, hangers/clips, timers, extension cords and anything else needed to properly and safely attach the lights to your home in Santa Fe, TX.

A La Carte Christmas Light Installation Services, You Provide Your Own Lights and Decore and We Will Supply the Labor.

If you own your lights and have all the items to put up such as extension cords, timers, hangers we will put them up for you. We simply ask that before we come out you pull you Christmas Lights and decorations out of storage before we show up on the day of the install. You should also Un-Tangle and Test the lights so there are no issues. You should also test the timers and power strips also.