Call Us To Hang Your Christmas Lights

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. So, it's that time of the year again to hang Christmas Lights on your Kemah or Bay Area home. Ask yourself is it really worth the time and risk of getting hurt of possibly falling from a roof or ladder. Simple fall can not only hurt you and can financially destroy you. Months with no income, getting laid off, or God (emphasized as a symbol of respect) forbid never being able to resume your career after an accident. Please call us, we are trained and we really don't want you or anyone else hurt or not being able to work and provide for your family.

Complete Turn-Key Christmas Light Installation Service In Kemah

This service is designed for the person that really does not have the time or resources to hang Christmas Lights themselves or would rather spend time with their family or working on project that don't require climbing on ladders and roofs. If you have limited spare time and would rather enjoy your free time than hanging Christmas Lights or don't wish to risk a fall and want us to handle all aspects of the project including providing all lighting and accessories, putting lights up, taking them down, and storing them, this service is for you.

Do You Want To Save Money? Provide Your Own Lights.

If you already have Christmas Lights in storage from past years we hang those for you saving you up to 1/3 over our full service turn-key service. We only ask that you pull the lights out of storage and Un-Tangle and Test them before we arrive. You will also need to have all extension cords, timers, and light clips needed to do the install.